Welcome to Safe Oasis

Safe Oasis - Providing a safe and confidential counselling service

Because life is full of ups and downs, you may find yourself feeling low in mood, anxious, unmotivated, lacking confidence and perhaps direction. Perhaps you feel insecure, angry, alone and do not understand why?

It may be that you feel stuck in a job or a dead end relationship and cannot not see a way out of the situation. Or maybe you have experienced a bereavement and find it difficult to come to terms with the reality and move forward with life without your departed loved one.

You may even be reliving past traumatic experiences and flash-backs. Life at times like these can feel very grim, desperate and pointless.

But I have a pleasant surprise for you – and that is the answer to all the above examples is very simple and within your reach – all you need as a starting point to put your life back on track is someone who will listen, and really hear you out and understand the pain and sorrow you are going through. Someone who can understand the feelings that trouble you and what it is like to carry that burden.

I believe that when we are hurting we need the right care and support mechanism in order to pull through and feel better about ourselves and to gain a better perspective of our current situation.

That person is me! I will provide you with a warm, safe space where you can pour out your deepest worries without the fear of being ridiculed or patronized. A space where you can feel free to be yourself and express your thoughts free of judgement and guilt.

I offer counselling and multi-faceted support system for people like you to find the closure or inner peace that they are longing for, thereby paving the way to a happier and more fulfilled life.